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Nigel Vaughan
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Wootton Acre
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t 01425 621311

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Vaughan Management Solutions Limited
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237 Commercial Road, Poole, Dorset
BH14 0HU
Registered in England: 4833568

VMSL Testimonials

Baird Capital
Andrew Ferguson, Managing Director, Baird Capital Partners Europe Limited
"Nigel worked alongside us on an early stage review of an acquisition target.   His thoughtful insight and attention to detail greatly assisted us forming a view on the target company. "
Altrika Limited
Graeme Purdy, CEO, Altrika Ltd.
"Nigel undertook a business review of one of our technologies with the utmost efficiency. The review resulted in a well-formulated investment proposition that Nigel submitted to some high quality angel networks and private investors, who responded promptly. We were very satisfied with the interaction and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nigel to businesses seeking similar support."
Southampton Solent University
Professor V Gore, Vice-Chancellor, Southampton Solent University
"We have worked with Nigel on a number of projects, most recently our ground-breaking bid to Ofcom to run a local television station. In building the business case and compiling the overall bid to persuade Ofcom (and our Board of Governors) Nigel provided an invaluable professional expertise. The business members of our Board were 'highly impressed' with what they saw. Nigel was crucial to this and proved to be an excellent colleague, working tirelessly, sensitively and very productively with the in-house team.  He has great social skills, fitting in seamlessly, good strategic vision, proven commercial acumen and a meticulous eye for detail - a rare combination and highly recommended."
Sondrel Limited
Graham Curren, Founder and CEO
"I have worked with Nigel for some years, and greatly appreciate the access to his wide range of experience, his thoughtful approach, and his proactive communication. Nigel is always available to discuss and challenge ideas, and to give sound advice. I look forward to working with Nigel for many years to come."
Inspire Professional Services
Warren Munson, Founder and Director
"I and my firm Inspire has worked with Nigel on a number of assignments and each occasion have been impressed with his experience, commerciality, perspective and expertise. In each case he has added considerable value to the assignment at hand. I would thoroughly recommend Nigel."
Austin & Mclean
Jeremy Austin, Managing Director
"Nigel's wide experience and incisive thinking enabled him to swiftly identify the key issues in our operation, guide us through the vision and strategy phases and support us through the process of renaissance."
Plasma Quest
Professor Michael Thwaites, Founder and CEO
"Plasma Quest Limited (PQL) is a scientific based SME with limited resource capability in the development of its marketing and business address this shortcoming PQL approached Vaughan Management Systems Limited (VMS) to assist in developing and refining PQL's business objectives. To this end VMS:
  1. Has successfully constructed a "living" Business Plan that is owned by PQL and has been used to generate investment interest in PQL.
  2. Has assisted PQL in exploring alternative business models for growth.
  3. Is currently assisting in the development of licensing and royalty models for future business opportunities. PQL sees VMS as a cost effective means of offering a high added value, external consultative view on PQL's opportunities, where VMS becomes an integral part of the organisation."
KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH
Michael Dubbick, Managing Director
"I have known Nigel as a very professional and high integrity person who managed to turn around our British operation and get it back to profitability. I wish him all the best and success in his future endeavours."
Dr Richard Williams CEO, Stratophase Ltd
"During the various interactions I have had with Nigel over several years he has demonstrated to me that he quickly understands the issues facing a business, applies his insight and provides excellent advice and support. Unlike many, Nigel goes the extra mile and also provides practical assistance to back up his advice. It is always a pleasure to work with Nigel"
Professor Simon Cox, Chief Scientist, Dezineforce
Professor of Computational Methods at the University of Southampton

"Nigel has helped above and beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions to give our University spin-out a large voice as a small company through his extensive network of contacts and detailed technical knowledge."
Phoenix Consultancy
James Fairlie, Founder and Managing Director
"Nigel's experience and expertise in working with a very wide range of businesses and organisations speaks for itself. However, I also very much welcomed his ability to very quickly identify opportunities and issues, provide eminently workable solutions and provide sympathetic and patient help in implementing them. He always sees the 'big picture' and ensures that a positive attitude is maintained in any circumstance. I would highly recommend him."
Peter Taylor, Founder and CEO
"Nigel is a breath of fresh air to the senior executives of a business who know they cannot meet their day to day business commitments, whilst in addition taking time out to thoroughly step back and review their future business strategy without bias. His wealth of knowledge, understanding and people skills would make him an excellent asset as a director on any companies board."
Hawk Measurement
Jack Evans, President, USA
"It has been a pleasure to work with Nigel Vaughan and I have an enormous amount of respect for him. He has proven to be a tough minded and compassionate leader who gets results. His advice and coaching have been beneficial to me in my current role as a business owner as well as my previous role as President and CEO of a multinational corporation."
Solent Composite Systems
Huw Radley, Managing Director
"Nigel has worked with us over a couple of years on various strategic projects and has always been able to complement our own plans with some alternative ideas, providing fresh and valuable insight to solving our challenges - he is my most reliable and highly responsive sounding board. Though not involved in our day to day activities, quickly sees the big picture opportunities and importantly the path to get there, including managing the obstacles on the way."
Human Equity 
John Oliver, Founder and CEO
"I have known Nigel in both a CEO role and in start-up, entrepreneurship advisory roles where I have seen his exceptional ability to integrate so many skills and perspectives - technical, commercial, strategic and relational. Drawing on a wealth of experience, Nigel knows how to adapt to very different business contexts, and drill down to the essential and priority actions. With each conversation, you come away energised with new insights thanks to Nigel's challenging yet supportive approach."
Nutri-Energetic Systems
Harry Massey, Founder and CEO
"Nigel's incisiveness at understanding and bringing forward sensible solutions to problems is second to none. Also, due to his large network of contacts, he is able to bring in the right people where it counts, for which I am truly grateful."
Waugh Group
David Waugh, Founder and Managing Director
"I am a hands-on owner manager of a small business. Nigel has a lifetime of large corporate experience and as such as become my 'surrogate chairman' / mentor We meet every six months or when needed, reviewing the figures and agreeing a plan for the immediate future. He motivates me when I need it most. He gives me a sense of direction. He brings clarity of thought and a clear decisive commercial insight. He is very much my down to earth guiding hand, my support has greatly contributed to the success of my business. I would suggest that anyone retaining Nigel in a similar capacity would benefit in the same way, especially during these challenging times."
Vaughan Management Solutions Limited. Significant company turnaround, acquisition and change management skills,developed over 20 years at Board level.Hands-on experience in all disciplines and team development allows rapid contribution to new and complex situations, plus ability to deliver results on time and to budget.

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