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Nigel Vaughan
Managing Director

m 07702 285444

Wootton Acre
Wilverley Road
Hants BH25 5TX
t 01425 621311

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Vaughan Management Solutions Limited
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237 Commercial Road, Poole, Dorset BH14 0HU
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Psychometric Profile for Nigel Vaughan

Relationships with People

Very much at ease in formal situations such as meeting potential clients and people you know or do not know and also highly confident in social situations. Extremely confident in negotiating, either a sale or in persuading others of your viewpoint. However, you are not highly opinionated or always seeking to air your own views or be the centre of attention.

A decisive person who prefers to take the lead and direct others. Interestingly, responses also suggest that, instead of always taking the decisions yourself, you often consult with others in reaching a fast decision. Wherever possible, you will try to facilitate collective decisions, but you will “not tolerate a fudge”.

You see yourself as a moderately caring individual, not unsympathetic to the needs of others and with some interest in evaluating their motives and behaviours.

Independent minded, able to detach yourself from situations that you do not enjoy, or get value from, being equally comfortable in your own company as with others.

Thinking Style

You enjoy working with data and critically evaluating information, looking for limitations and errors. You prefer less conventional approaches to problem solving and enjoy generating new ideas and solutions. This is reinforced by a tendency to dislike bureaucracy. You also prefer some variety in your work but not to the extent that you constantly crave change.

Equally comfortable with practical issues as with conceptual and theoretical work. Your responses strongly reflect your focus on strategic planning and taking the ‘long view’. This is not at the expense of the detail, however. You have a strong preference for being systematic, methodical and persevering until a task is complete. You are able to plan as well as deliver.

Feeling and Emotions

Neither over-tense nor highly relaxed in style. However, you appear to be remarkably ‘unstressed’ before any big event and free from associated worry.

You see yourself as an active and vigorous person, thriving on activity. This is reinforced by an extremely competitive element to your nature, disliking coming second best. Also, you appear to be very ambitious and will rise to most challenges in your work and career.


The profile is what one would wish to see in an energetic, capable executive with a solid track record. Of note is your inclination to be both independent-minded and consultative where decisions are needed - but not at the expense of decisions being made slowly. Also, any potential conflict between being strategic on the one hand and being pre-occupied with detail and process on the other, seems to be absent. You can see both the wood and the trees!

You come across as being a ‘driven’ person, highly competitive and probably versatile across a range of functions where both results and process-focus are important. Your apparent persuasiveness and self-confidence in formal situations are also powerful ‘executive’ traits.

Vaughan Management Solutions Limited. Significant company turnaround, acquisition and change management skills,developed over 20 years at Board level.Hands-on experience in all disciplines and team development allows rapid contribution to new and complex situations, plus ability to deliver results on time and to budget.

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